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Part 1 – Foundation training

In this module, you will be following Bark from his very first days at home through his training for future competition.

Part – 2 Training the Exercises

In this part, we will explain how to teach the exercises of high level competition obedience to your dog.

Part 3 – Competition training

We will work on distractions, overtraining, chaining, competition training and training for the handler.

The new exercises in class 3 (obedience)

In 2016 , there will be new regulations in the elite class of obedience. In this course, we will go through the new parts which have been added.

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Step 1 – Ground training

In this first part, you will learn how to obtain a balance between various aspects of the work, for example speed, stillness, rewards, working away and near the handler, explosion.

Step 2 – Training the exercises

In this part, we show you new, creative and fun methods for training the exercises of the high level competition obedience.

Step 3 – Competition training

This chapter handles about preparing yourself and your dog so you both can reproduce in competition situations all that you have trained so well.

Participants’ comments

These early lessons helped me strengthen my idea of obedience where mostly favors the analysis of our doggies but also bases, contact, stability and explosiveness. Specific texts, understanding and clear to all videos that confirm and explain these texts. I practice these lessons, then I look again and I discover new subtleties, other avenues of work. It’s great. Wait to go to step 2. Siv Maria Thanks for this “adventure”. Best regards.


It’s super refreshing to get simple, clear and detailed receip about small, technical aspects in such important things as rewarding. A lot of feedback: how to make a reward-dictionary, how to choose between different patterns to teach the excercise, what to focus on while building a strong fun-base for future sport dog. I strongly recommend the No Limit Obedience course to everybody!

Lena Sliwerska

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