Best day – everyday!

We want you and your dog to have the best time together in your daily life. This is why we have written this book in a way that is different from any other book you may have read about dog training. In it, you will learn about exercises that are easy, effective and fun.

And best of all, you can read the whole book in one evening!

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What a dog does over and over again, he becomes good at. You must first understand how your dog thinks and functions if you want your training to be successful. In this chapter, this will be explained in a clear and easy way. This is something you must always bear in mind in your training.

In this book you get a lot of exercises to create good habits. As, for example, going nicely on leash, being managed, waiting and calling.

You also get to know how your dog thinks and what makes the dog do as you want described in the easiest possible way. Simple and concrete training tips with nice and fun illustrations make reading a pure pleasure.

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