Part 1 – Foundation training


In this module, you will be following Bark, a Dutch shepherd dog, from his very first days at home through his training for future competition.

We will be showing you with both films and text how to organize your training from the very beginning when the puppy is still very little! What do we start with? Which exercises are most important to start with? This is what we will be showing you in as concrete a way as possible. Let us guide you through this first part of the life of your puppy and we promise you lots of fun.



Welcome to our new Module 1!

This is a puppy course designed for sports dogs, which means that, no matter what you will be training with your puppy, you will find these exercises useful. You do not have a puppy, but you would like to follow the course? It is just as good, because we use the same exercises if we start training, or if we want to make a new start, with an older dog.

The films will allow you to follow Bark from the beginning of each exercise, and you will be able to see how we progress. We will show you how we train speed, retrieving, scent work, the positions, heel work and how to prepare the dog early for competition. We will also give you tips on how to train focusing/concentration, to teach to dog to let you cut his nails, to be handled and to keep quiet and calm indoors.

  1. Ground exercises
  2. Self-control and drive
  3. Control of his body and heel position
  4. Grip and hold an object
  5. Run out and run in
  6. Assembling the parts and form a whole

What is included in the course

  • 6 Lessons with texts and films
  • A discussion forum for all the participants in the course

Not included in the course

  • Individual feedback

Prices for the course

  • Step 1: 215 euros

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