Best Day – Everyday Online course

Do you feel that everyday obedience is boring and that you never seem to get it right?  We are very eager to show you how much fun and effective it can be if you only know what to do.  The course will give you solid grounds for whatever you wish to achieve with your dog.  And we can promise you that you will have great fun while doing so!

In this course you will see on film the exercises of all 6 lessons contained in the Course outline of  BEST DAY – Everyday.   Whether you are an instructor and want to be able to see the exercises of the course on film, or you want to train your own dog, you will assuredly find the course to be a great source of inspiration and motivation. 

You will need the book Best Day – Everyday and the Course outline in order to be able to follow the lessons.  You can find them here.




All dog owners deserve a best day – every day !  This course is dvided up in 6 lessons following the Course outline that accompanies the book BEST DAY – Everyday.   So that you can easily understand the exercises, we have designed a course in which we show on film all of these exercises.   In order to be able to follow the course, you need the book BEST DAY – Everyday, as well as the Course ouline that accompanies the book.

What is included in the course:

  • 6 lessons with texts and over 30 films
  • Films on all the exercises in the Course outline of BEST DAY – Everyday

What is not included in the course:

  •  Personal feedback

You can start the course whenever you want and you have access to the course for a whole year.

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