The new exercises in class 3 (obedience)


In 2016 , there will be new regulations in the elite class of obedience. In this course, we will go through the new parts which have been added. You will find inspiration and ideas on how to train them and you will also be able to see the exercises as they will be performed in competition. * Group exercises * The new directional retrieve exercise * Walking backwards in the heel work exercise * Sending to a point before the box * New display of the objects for the scent exercise



Description of the product

This course covers only the new parts of the elite class of obedience. If you wish to learn about all of the exercises, we recommend module 2. Apart from the new exercises, this module handles about teaching and training all of the exercises in obedience from beginner’s level to elite class.

What is included in the course:

  • 5 lessons with texts and videos
  • Discussion forum for all of the participants

What is not included in the course:

  • Individual feedback

The cost: 45 euros You can start any time you wish

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