Puppy course Step 1 – The beginning

Our wish is that as many people as possible can have access to the best imaginable start in their training. Right from the start, good foundations must be set for both the puppy and yourself, so you will find your own motivation and pleasure in training. We show with both videos and texts how we plan our training for small puppies. What shall you start with? What exercises must you give priority to? This is what we want to show you in a way that is as concrete as possible. Let us guide you through these first steps, and we can promise you that you will have great fun. The puppy courses are constructed in a progressive manner and you will most benefit from them by following them in the proper order.

And you get a bonus! You also have access to our course “How to get the play started”!




Do you have high ambitions for competition?  Or do you simply want to know what you can train with your puppy?  No matter what your purpose is, this course will be extremely helpful and interesting.  It is suitable for anyone who wishes to have good grounds for future training, no matter which dog sport you want to later embrace.

We are happy to show you how we train our own puppies right from the beginning.   We want to show you how pleasurable it is, as well as teach you solid grounds that you can put into place for the future.  You do not have a puppy right now but would like to do the course anyway?  Of course you can, since we use the same exercises to get started with a puppy as we do if we want to start anew with an older dog.

What is included in the course:

  • Introduction
  • Divide your training
  • Rewards
  • Check in after a reward
  • Walking backwards
  • When something goes wrong
  • Planning work stations
  • Keep your dog focused
  • From the reward to the start of an exercise
  • Follow in work stations
  • Self-control
  • Self-control – longer time
  • Self-control from a distance
  • Conclusion

What is not included in the course:

  • Personal feedback

You can start the course whenever you want and you have access to the course for a whole year.

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