Fun training with treats

Welcome to our course on basic exercises with treats. In this course, you will be learning some basic exercises with treats which are really fun to train and will prove very useful when you decide to start your training.  These are good grounds for good rewards, commitment, stability, running out and in fast as well as focusing forward.

All of the above will be useful when you later start training the exercises.




What is included in the course:

  • Introduction
  • Which types of treats will you be using?
  • What shall the dog do after a reward?
  • Chase to catch the treat
  • Gnaw on the treat
  • Self-control
  • Self-control – action
  • Take the treat in a bowl
  • Take the treat from the bowl and run back in
  • Self-control – longer time
  • Self-control – longer distance
  • Focusing forward with a bowl
  • Conclusion

What is not included in the course:

  • Personal feedback

You can start the course whenever you want and you have access to the course for a whole year.

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