A focused dog in 5 lessons


If there is one course you should do during this year, it is this particular course. You will learn that you can take any dog and teach him cooperation, speed and joy. The course is designed for you, might you be a complete novice with a dog, and for you who want to train your dog to be a good competition dog. If your dog is totally focused, the learning process of the exercises with be easy as a game.



This is the very first thing we start training with our puppies: to be eager and willing to work, completely focused. This is also our absolute most important priority in training. This means focus, a good attitude, joy in working, and to be able to succeed in the exercises even if there are distractions around. A focused dog is the basis in all dog sports. These five lessons will give you concrete tips on what and how you can train. Each exercise is shown on film and accompanied by explanatory texts. In the films, you see well-trained competition dogs and dogs who are doing the exercises for the first time. Just watching the 50 films of these lessons will fill you with inspiration and a whole lot of new ideas.

This course is our most important course ever – this is how you train focus in 5 steps.

What is included in the course:

  • 5 lessons with texts and videos
  • Discussion forum for all of the participants

What is not included in the course:

  • Individual feedback

The cost: 55 euros

You can start any time you wish

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