Participants’ comments

Participants’ comments

These early lessons helped me strengthen my idea of obedience where mostly favors the analysis of our doggies but also bases, contact, stability and explosiveness. Specific texts, understanding and clear to all videos that confirm and explain these texts. I practice these lessons, then I look again and I discover new subtleties, other avenues of work. It’s great. Wait to go to step 2. Siv Maria Thanks for this “adventure”. Best regards.


It’s super refreshing to get simple, clear and detailed receip about small, technical aspects in such important things as rewarding. A lot of feedback: how to make a reward-dictionary, how to choose between different patterns to teach the excercise, what to focus on while building a strong fun-base for future sport dog. I strongly recommend the No Limit Obedience course to everybody!

Lena Sliwerska

The course in ground training has given me alot of ideas for our training in the future. After all it’s always the foundation everything else is built on. So Maria and Siv know alot about dogtraining? No question about it!

Jenny Mellåker

The first level of obedience course, has been very inspiring for me. Some lessons that explain very well how to get stability, calm, speed, explosion, concentration, and many more aspects … explained in a clear and easy way with many examples of video. But above all, it has taught me that can and should be VERY FUNNY training with your dog !!! Definitely will sign up moules 2 and 3; We look forward to continuing. A highly recommended course for students of all levels !!! ” Greetings from Spain !!!

M Jose Jumalpa

It’s good that the course is over a long period so you can go back en read the texts and watch the movis many times. It’s also good that the movies has alot of text that explains them. I like that they show alot of different breeds and different types of dogs in the movies so you can ideas for you own type of dog.

Heléne Lindström

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