Online course

Online course

What, how, when and why?

Why online?

We travel and give courses all over the world but, as much as we try, we cannot be everywhere at the same time. This online course became the answer, as this is a wonderful way to reach many more people, and especially those who do not have the possibility to attend personally one of our courses.

We have so much in terms of dog training that we want to share, and we are extremely happy to have found a way to do it more efficiently.

How does it work?

We have planned the different lessons according to the subjects we want to cover and this, with the help of texts, pictures and films. For each lesson, there is a discussion forum for questions and exchanges of thoughts and ideas on this particular lesson.

As a participant in the course, can I put some films on the site?

Personal feedback is not included in the course but you can put films on you-tube and then put the link on the discussion forum for other course members to comment.

Step 1 – Ground training

Often, when we are asked to give courses, we realize that many of the teams (handler-dog) do not have the ground training to build on. This means that the training cannot, in any way, be as effective as it should be.   A dog with sound ground training is easy to train – it is that simple.

In the first part, you will learn how to obtain a balance between various aspects of the work, for example speed, stillness, rewards, working away and near the handler, explosion.

You will be learning different things that will be needed later for training the details of exercises and exercises. And to achieve this, you will find lots of ideas in the form of fun games!

There are 6 lessons in this Step 1.

Step 2 – Training the exercises

To always grow and find new ways is one of the most important aspects of our own training. We always try to improve ourselves and get better at teaching the dog the different details.

In this part, we will explain how to teach the exercises of high level competition obedience to your dog. You will see films on various steps and ways of training and we propose several fun, creative and new methods of training.

Whether you are an experienced competitor or a beginner, we believe you will benefit from our many tips and ideas.

There are 12 lessons to Step 2.

Step 3 – Competition training

In order to succeed in competition, solid ground training is essential and, of course, well-trained exercises. But it is far from everything – a part which is just as important is how you prepare your dog and yourself for competition.

In our opinion, this part may be the most challenging, but is also the most fun – this is an area in which there is space to grow and improve endlessly.

We will go through distractions, overtraining, chaining, competition training, training for the handler, and how you can prepare yourself and your dog for important competitions.

There are 8 lessons to Step 3.


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