Chaining and endurance – progression

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Module 1 Welcome to part 3+
Unit 1 Welcome to No Limit Module 3  
Module 2 Ground exercises for competition training+
Unit 1 Training for competition  
Module 3 Distractions/overtraining+
Unit 1 Distractions and overtraining  
Module 4 Entrance in the ring - in-between exercises - competition mode+
Unit 1 Ring entrances and transition between exercises  
Module 5 Endurance and chaining grounds+
Unit 1 Chaining and endurance  
Module 6 Endurance and progression in chaining-
Unit 1 Chaining and endurance – progression  
Module 7 Competition training+
Unit 1 Competition training  
Module 8 Training for the handler+
Unit 1 Competition training for the handler  
Module 9 How to succeed in high-level competition+
Unit 1 How to succeed in high-level competition  
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