Sit and laying in group with recall

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Module 1 Very welcome+
Unit 1 A warm welcome to module 2  
Module 2 Heelwork part 1+
Unit 1 Heelwork - part 1  
Module 3 Heelwork part 2+
Unit 1 Lesson 2 – Heelwork – part 2  
Unit 2 Backwards in heelwork  
Module 4 Sit, stand and lay down under march+
Unit 1 Sit, Down and Stand under march  
Module 5 Recall with stand and down+
Unit 1 Recall with stand and down  
Module 6 The box+
Unit 1 The Box  
Module 7 Retrive+
Unit 1 Retrieve  
Module 8 Directional retrive+
Unit 1 Directional retrieve  
Module 9 Send around a cone, retrieving and jumping+
Unit 1 sending around a cone, retrieving and jumping  
Module 10 Jump and metal retrive+
Unit 1 Jump and metal retrieve  
Module 11 Sit and laying in group-
Unit 1 Sit and laying in group with recall  
Module 12 Scent retrive+
Unit 1 Scent retrieve  
Unit 2 New formations in scent retrive 2016  
Module 13 Distance control+
Unit 1 Distance control  
Module 14 From details to perfect exercises+
Unit 1 From details to perfect exercises  
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