Part 3 – Competition training


In order to succeed in competition, good grounds are essential and of course well-trained exercises. But it is far from everything – a part which is just as important is how you prepare yourself and your dog for competition.

We think that this is the most challenging and also the most fun part – it is an area where there is no limit to how far you can reach and how good you can become.




We will work on distractions, overtraining, chaining, competition training, training for the handler and how you can get yourself and your dog in the best condition possible for competition.

What is included in the course

  • 8 Lessons with texts and films
  • A discussion forum for all the participants in the course

Not included in the course

  • Individual feedback

Prices for the course

  • Step 3:  275 euros

You can start this step whenever you want!

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