Part 2 – Training the Exercises


To always grow and find new ways is one of the most important aspects of our own training. We always try to improve ourselves and get better at teaching the dog the different details.

Whether you are an experienced competitor or a beginner, we believe you will benefit from our many tips and ideas.

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In this part, we will explain how to teach the exercises of high level competition obedience to your dog. You will see films on various steps and ways of training and we propose several fun, creative and new methods of training.

What is included in the course

  • 12 Lessons with texts and films, with the aim of reaching high levels in obedience
  • A discussion forum for all the participants in the course

Not included in the course

  • Individual feedback

Prices for the course

  • Step 2:  12 lessons (Training the exercises) – 410 euros

You can start this step whenever you want!

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